Comfortable tooth extraction and best dental implants just a call away

 Comfortable tooth extraction and best dental implants just a call away

Ever eaten with a broken tooth? It’s never fun. One of the most common dental emergencies which a dentist has to deal with most frequently is that of a broken tooth. The broken tooth is very painful and requires immediate attention. For such dental emergencies, visit Niyama Care.

What is a broken tooth?

You can feel a broken tooth with the help of your tongue. Sharp edges and bits and pieces of the tooth can be felt in the mouth. A visual inspection by a trained and experienced dentist is thus elementary. To get in touch with the best dentist in Noida , visit Niyama care. However, in some cases, it’s difficult to find out which tooth has broken, in such a scenario, a dentist has to do a thorough examination of the tooth using special tools and types of equipment.

Different colours of your tooth reveal the condition of your teeth. If the broken tooth appears black or brown it means it is a sign of tooth decay. However, if the gum is visible, it can lead to bleeding gums. You might even experience excruciating pain if the roots or nerves of the gums are exposed.

What to do if your tooth gets broken?

In case your tooth breaks due to chewing or an accident, remember to remove the tooth from your mouth immediately and wash your mouth. If there is bleeding or if you are experiencing pain, visit your dentist immediately. Your dentist would examine your tooth and would provide you with a solution. Sometimes a broken tooth extraction required. This happens if a significant amount of tooth is broken. The dentist may also suggest you dental implants which are nowadays affordable and are easily available in a variety of materials. Niyama Care also provides affordable and the best dental implants.

If you require emergency dental care in Noida, Ghaziabad, and Vaishali, call Niyama Care Dental Clinics to fix an appointment. We always make time for dental emergencies and our experienced dentists are well versed in treating such cases. You can also visit our emergency room and explain your problem to our team of experts who would ensure that you get a quick solution and consultation for your dental problem.

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