Teeth replacement – get that dazzling smile with advanced dental treatments

 Teeth replacement – get that dazzling smile with advanced dental treatments

A dazzling smile enhances the appearance of a person. We, in our lifetime, lose teeth due to various reasons such as tooth decay, gum disease, or injury. Missing tooth or teeth not only affects the functionality of our teeth but also affects the overall appearance of your mouth. Missing teeth also add to dental woes.

But advances in prosthetic dentistry have proved to be beneficial for those who have lost natural teeth. The spaces created by natural teeth can now be easily filled with bridges, dentures and implants.  Teeth replacement is now possible with custom made and removable substitutes known as dentures for missing teeth. These dentures give the patient the ability to chew like natural teeth.

What are dentures?

full teeth replacementOne of the most recommended options to replace a missing tooth is dentures. Before recommending dentures, the dentist carefully examines the health of your mouth. He then determines the best type of dentures available in the market which would suit the patient perfectly. He also considers the physical and oral health of the person. The dentist examines in detail by checking the CT scans of the teeth. Full teeth replacement is done when both the upper and the lower jaw teeth are missing. The teeth are replaced with a natural-looking prosthesis.

Advantages of dental dentures

  • Dentures look like natural teeth.
  • They revive the chewing function.
  • It helps to improve self-confidence and social life interactions.
  • Dentures are utilized to replace teeth and to match the functionality and looks of natural teeth.

Reasons to choose dentures

  • The opening and closing of the jaw can be affected if your teeth are missing. It can be painful and might require immediate attention in some cases.
  • Missing teeth obstruct the chewing process. With dentures, one can eat normally.
  • Missing teeth impact the appearance of the face and also creates wrinkles around lips. This gives an impression of old age.

At Niyama Care, we provide full teeth replacement solutions. We ensure that your mouth is examined by a dental professional who would then highlight the treatment plan. Our well-trained dental experts then would make the impression of the oral cavity to ensure the best fit. We hold vast experience in restoring broken or chipped teeth. We help to restore the smiles and confidence of the customers. At Niyama Care, it’s always patients first. Our dentists listen to your concerns and provide you with consultation in regards to your dental problems. From simple dental check-ups to dental surgery, our state-of-the-art clinic is well equipped to cater to all your requirements.

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